Our Sublime Range

Limoges Porcelain

Bernardaud - French Porcelain made in Limoges since 1863 with outstanding Craftsmanship and Innovation

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Stoneware tableware

Montgolfier is a French manufacturer offering sophisticated stoneware plates varnished with stunning glazing on contemporary shapes.

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French ceramic design for lovers of the unconventional

Isabelle Poupinel is a French artist who continually creates and designs porcelain objects in her own workshop in Paris. While she keeps making unique pieces on order for upscale customers, she also does some customized collections for super fine dining restaurants.

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Sylvie Coquet
The pieces made by Sylvie Coquet, director of Feeling’s, are reminiscent of works of art, as her technical prowess and rich creativity are simply breathtaking. Her porcelain tableware stand for French excellence and subtlety.

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Soapstone products with high quality

Hukka Design have been producing soapstone implements and decorative objects for 30 years. Many of their product ideas and their visual appearance are inspired by nature.

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Molecular and design tools for plating 

Crucial Detail is an award-winning design studio founded by Martin Kastner in 1998 which explores the synergy between food and design.

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Design Plates and Tabletops

Gifre is a Spanish manufacturer based in Girona, whose works are characterized by physical processes of nature, into sculptures, light structures or any kind of sculptural projects. An example of this would be a unique and innovative sculptural tableware collection for the world’s top restaurants such as ElBulli and El Celler de Can Roca.

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Glass Tableware
Luesma & Vega Studio is specialized in designing tableware for avant-garde gastronomy. The production is carried out using the latest glass technologies. Luesma & Vega Studio worked with the restaurants El Bulli, El Celler de Can Roca and famous Chefs.
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Innovative Tableware

SiloDesign is a creative and innovative tableware manufacturer based in France. The brand is at the origin of the double layers glasses which are now available in many shapes to suit every Chef’s need.  

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Limoges Porcelain since 1824

JL Coquet produces the most innovative and luxurious tables all over the world.

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Fine Limoges Porcelain

Jaune De Chrome is distinguished by the tailor-made experience offered to its customers to create pieces in unique formats and finishes.

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Porcelain Manufacturer

For more than 270 years, noble manufactory porcelain has been created in Fürstenberg in Lower Saxony with passion and precision, which always reflects the time in which it is created and at the same time has the potential to become a classic.

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Studio mattes
Stoneware Tableware

Studio Mattes manufacturers handcrafted and durable stoneware for top chefs.

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Stoneware Tableware

Les Guimards restyles classical potteries. Hand crafted using traditional methods.

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Modern designs in resin, metal, paper stationary and posters, and textiles

Tina Frey tableware are carefully hand sculpted by Tina Frey in San Francisco, California. Sculpting starts with an idea which focuses on simplicity and function.

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100% Chef
Tools & Machines

100% Chef designs, produces and distributes innovative and high quality tools and utensils for hotel and restaurant.

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Bar Tools

Lumian is an Italian company focused on the production and distribution of professional Bar Tools

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Fine Limoges Porcelain

Raynaud Limoges dinnerware is well-known for its innovative designs

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Our Casual Range

Stoneware plates

Burelarte products are created from a porcelain composition, characterized by its high resistance, compactness and impermeability. To obtain the bright colors of the tableware, they use non-toxic glazes.

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Porcelain Plates

Bonna produces fresh, affordable, durable and stylish pieces for hotels and restaurants around the world.

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Cookplay was created in Bilbao in 2014 by the basque industrial designer Ana Toquero. "Cookplay was born to break new ground and its first product, Jomon, allows everyone to create their own ideal meal with fascinating style and versatile solution. Jomon is the result of the coexistence of the most universal forms of eating" 

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Timeless elegance

CHIC offers elegant high-quality dinnerware that combines contemporary designs with innovative materials what results in unique and timeless tableware products with whom people can play for years.

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Creative plating

Fine2Dine (F2D) stands for trend-based high-quality tableware for the creative professional. By the use of trendy colors and materials, Fine2Dine responds to the latest innovations in the market, offering hotels and restaurants all over the world the opportunity to be creative and easily mix and match food, ambiance and presentation.

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"Aside from taste, we are influenced by aesthetics."

Costa Nova's European handcrafted stoneware products combine enticing design, functionality, and durability to make COSTA NOVA a unique brand in the hospitality industry. Costa Nova offers solutions for multiple gastronomic scenarios. Feel free to create your own interpretations.

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