Buffets in hotel are always one of the dining options. As such the necessary equipment is required to match the theme of the settings. For instance, during a buffet, food is usually stored in chafing dishes thus diners can help themselves to the food at their convenience.



Exist mainly in stainless steel, buffet ware should be washed, rinsed and wiped dry thoroughly after use. This is to prevent stains from being permanent but most importantly is to ensure that hygiene is not compromised. Simply wash them with mild detergent and rinse them by ensuring that there are no traces of food particles or detergent left. Lastly, dry them completely with a soft cloth to prevent rusting.


Several guidelines to remember when storing these trollies: firstly, keep them in ventilated area that is out of direct sunlight. Next, avoid storing them in places where there are corrosive and flammable agents and lastly, be wary of places that encourage the growth of molds. Once fungus starts appearing, this indicates that the interior of the trollies are starting to decompose thus the only viable option is to dispose them. In general, always ensure that any moisture is removed from the trollies before storing them.

If you notice that the trollies are starting to squeak while using them, simply apply light-duty lubricating oil to remedy it. Never use heavy-duty oils such as WD-40 or high pressure water to lubricate or clean the trollies respectively as this will only further damage the bearings, causing premature wear and tear. For removal of stains or dirt, use a damped cloth to wipe them off.

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