Commonly found it the kitchen, cookware is the essential cooking vessels that are required to churn up any dishes. It comprises mainly frying pans, saucepans and pots that comes in varies sizes and finishes that are mainly made from stainless steel. By having them well-maintained, this will reduce wear and tear and most importantly, minimizing the chances of cooking contaminated food.

It is important to dissolve any remaining salt in the cookware with boiling water or it will corrode the surface of the cookware. Washing them by hand is highly advisable because this minimizes pitting or rusting as compared to washing in a dishwasher. To add, hand washing also ensures no food residue is left on the surface.
To preserve its shine, create a solution of water with a small amount of vinegar and dipped the cookware into it. Next is to wash it with dishwashing detergents that are “chlorine-free” because the chlorine has a corrosive effect that will damage the surface of the cookware.

Copper cookware are manufactured in a way that the copper parts are coated with metal which are usually made from steel or tin. This creates a barrier between the copper and the food. Therefore to ensure that the layer does not erode during washing, simply follow the instructions below.
Firstly, soak the cookware in warm water filled with dish soap overnight. This will soften the residue on the surface thereby making it easier to remove the following day. Next, use a scrubber and remove every scrap of residue on the surface. If you notice that there are discolored areas, this indicates that excessive heat is applied to that area, slice a lemon in half and rub it along the surface. Lastly, proceed to rinse the cookware and wipe them with a cloth to dry.



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