For identity and brand purposes, most premium restaurants and hotels require their chef to don its personalized chef jackets. Furthermore, working in a large kitchen exposes a chef to significant risk such as slippery floors. As such, having the necessary footwear is essential in ensuring that your safety is not compromised. To preserve its quality and functionality of the kitchen gears, a chef needs to maintain his uniforms regularly.



Without a doubt, stains will appear on your jacket after the end of a hectic shift in the kitchen. Immediately treat these stains to prevent them from being permanent. One way is to apply vinegar or soda onto the stain and another way, is to carry a detergent pen wherever you go. Afterwards, use a damped cloth and dabbed onto the stains until it slightly disappears.
Upon reaching home, soak the jacket in lukewarm water mixed with oxygen-based detergent for 20 minutes and always remember to soak white jackets separately from colored clothing.

Always check for remaining stains before drying since the heat from the dryer will embed the stains thus making it more difficult to remove. Should you require removing the stubborn stains, rewash the jackets by soaking them in a mixture of lukewarm water and oxygen-based bleach until its ready to be rinsed.

To ensure that your chef jackets remain crisp, spray a substantial amount of starch onto the jacket especially the collar, shoulder and sleeves and let it soak in for a minute. Subsequently, begin ironing the collar by fanning out the collar so the inside faces up. Then, move onto the shoulder area followed by the sleeves.

Some good practices include having several well-ironed and cleaned jackets in your cupboard as this will not create any panic-attacks if you need to report to work immediately. To add, by regularly rotating jackets worn, this prevents excessive wear and tear to the fabric.

For tough stains such as grease stains, rub a small portion of dishwashing detergent before wiping it with a damped cloth. Likewise, if the stubborn stains are bigger, create a thick paste by mixing a greater amount of detergent with water. Apply the paste onto the stain, leave it for 15 minutes and dabbed it with a wet cloth before soaking.



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Safety is of upmost importance when working in a busy kitchen especially since you are easily prone to potential dangers such as liquid spills or broken glasses lying on the floor. Keeping it clean frequently by removing any stains with a damped cloth and ensuring that the interiors are dry will certainly maintain the quality and durability of the shoes. Fundamentally, having clean shoes will keep foot infections at bay.

Avoid using the washing machine every week because overtime, this will deteriorate the durability of the shoes due to the powerful spinning force of the washing machine. Use it only when necessary and if your shoes happened to be drenched, be sure to keep its interior dry by stuffing newspapers as this will absorb the moisture.


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